Kong Xiaozhen washed away the storm of "cosmetic surgery" until the people from the company came

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kong xiaozhen washed away storm

Kong Xiaozhen washes “ Cosmetic surgery ” The wave , Until the company came

Kong Xiaozhen eliminated the doubts of passers-by's aunt about her cosmetic surgery , Attracted everyone's attention .

《 From today on, live a harmless life 》 in , Kong Xiaozhen 、 Quan Huizhen 、 Li Tianxi 、 Cui Jun decided to invite the woman president who readily promised whenever he needed help .

That's it , Women grow up to . After Cui Jun introduced himself , The president of the women's Association said :“ Who is Cui Jun ?” Kong Xiaozhen comforted :“ Even I said I was 《 When camellia blossom 》 East cypress , She doesn't believe ”. before , The women's president once said to Kong Xiaozhen “ Have you had your face reshaped ?”, Once a hot topic .

Regarding this , The woman president looked at Kong Xiaozhen again and said :“ Now it's a bit like Dongbai , I can see at a glance ”, It caused everyone to laugh .

Kong Xiaozhen , Li Tianxi , Quan Huizhen got together . because , Big business L The company decided to visit . Shared the distress of environmental protection with the staff of large enterprises who just arrived , And gradually expand the dream .

After the employees of large enterprises leave , Three more people are confused . Cui Jun has been on the stage since the morning , A big surprise . Li Tianxi said :“ After that, a lot of amazing things happened ”, Quan Huizhen said :“ It feels a bit like working in a big company .” Make everyone laugh with lovely words .

evening , Tai min's... Taught by Cui Jun 《move》 dance , And Kong Xiaozhen coaxed the last night on the island .

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