What are the characteristics of mybatis plus in the implementation method?

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MyBatis Plus Characteristics in implementation method ?

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No intrusion : Just enhance and don't change , The introduction of it will not affect the existing project , Silky smooth Low loss : Start up will automatically inject basic CURD, No loss in performance , Direct object-oriented operation Powerful CRUD operation : Built in universal Mapper、 Universal Service, Only a small amount of configuration can realize most of the single table CRUD operation , More powerful conditional constructors , Meet all kinds of use needs Support Lambda Form call : adopt Lambda expression , Convenient compilation of various query conditions , No need to worry about wrong field writing Support automatic generation of primary key : Support up to 4 Primary key policies ( Including distributed uniqueness ID generator - Sequence), Freely configurable , Solve the primary key problem perfectly Support ActiveRecord Pattern : Support ActiveRecord Form call , Entity classes only need to inherit Model Class for powerful CRUD operation Support custom global common operations : Support global common method injection ( Write once, use anywhere ) Built in code generator : Use code or Maven Plug in can be generated quickly Mapper 、 Model 、 Service 、 Controller Layer code , Support template engine , You can use more customized configurations Built in paging plug-in : be based on MyBatis Physical paging , Developers don't need to worry about specific operations , After the plug-in is configured , Write paging is equivalent to normal List Inquire about Paging plug-ins support multiple databases : Support MySQL、MariaDB、Oracle、DB2、H2、HSQL、SQLite、Postgre、SQLServer Etc Built in performance analysis plug-in : Can output SQL Statement and its execution time , It is recommended to enable this feature when developing tests , Can quickly find out the slow query Built in global interception plug-in : Provide full tables delete 、 update Operation intelligence analysis blocking , You can also customize interception rules , Prevent misoperation

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