Embedded Linux system related exercises

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I. exercise

Two format SD card

Then click Yes  


3、 ... and 、 Burn image

  • Open the burning tool raspberry pi
  • Click on CHOOSE OS, Select the image file you just downloaded , And then click CHOOSE SD CARD Select the just formatted SD card , Then click WRITE

  It will take a while

Four 、 configure network  

  • Plug in the cable
    I will explain this method , There are many related articles on the Internet , You can check it yourself .
  • Use mobile hotspot
    ① On the computer , Open the burning image just now SD card
    ② stay boot Under the table of contents , Build a ssh Empty file
    ③ stay boot Under the table of contents , Create a text file first
    ④ open the text file , Copy the following into the text

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev

    ssid=" Your wireless network name "
    psk=" Your wireless password "

among , take ssid Change the content of to the name of the mobile hotspot ,psk Change the content of to the password of the mobile phone hotspot .
⑤ Save the text just now , And change the name to wpa_supplicant.conf
⑥ Take out SD card , take SD Insert the card into the raspberry pie , Turn on the phone hotspot and connect the raspberry pie at the same time
⑦ You can check the raspberry pie on your mobile phone ip Address

  5、 ... and 、Putty Remote connection


Select the dialog box that pops up , Choose No  



Error reason :

Raspberry pie The official in the 2022 year 4 month 7 Japan A system update has been made , This update Deleted default account pi, The reason for deletion is to reduce the risk that the raspberry pie system will be hacked .

up to now ,Raspberry Pi OS All installations of have a named “Pi” The default user of . This is not a big weakness , Because if someone wants to break into your system , Just knowing a valid user name doesn't help much , They also need to know your password , And you first need to enable allow remote access .
But nonetheless , Default accounts still make violent attacks a little easier . In response to this , Some countries are now introducing legislation , Prohibit any device connected to the Internet from having default login credentials .
therefore , In the latest version , default “pi” The user will be deleted .

So let's use the old version to complete the experiment !

  Start raspberry pie VNC service , Input instruction , Configure raspberry pie
Instructions :sudo raspi-config



  Then press the up and down keys to select VNC, Press the left and right keys to select Select



  Up and down key selection Advanced Options, Press the left and right keys to select Select


  Up and down key selection Resolution, Press the left and right keys to select Select

  Then there is the resolution selection , choice DMT Mode 16, Then choose ok



  6、 ... and 、VNC Viewer Remote interface display

install VNC Viewer

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