Component sharing back-end component - redis one-stop management platform redis Manager

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Components share back-end components ——Redis One stop management platform Redis Manager


Recently, we are exploring the front end 、 Back end 、 Various common components and tools on the system side , Sort out some of its common components again , Form a standardized component theme , The following topic will include some common components in various languages . Welcome to continue to pay attention to .

Basic information of components


In this section, we share a Redis One stop management platform Redis Manager , It supports clustering (cluster、master-replica、sentinel) Monitoring of 、 install ( except sentinel)、 management 、 Alarm and basic data operation function
Cluster monitoring : Support monitoring Memory、Clients etc. Redis important indicator ; It can be viewed in real time Redis Info、Redis Config and Slow Log
Create cluster : Support Docker、Machine、Humpback The way
Cluster management : Support nodes Forget、Replicate Of、Failover、Move Slot、Start、Stop、Restart、Delete、 Modify configuration and other functions
Cluster alarm : Support Memory、Clients Equal index ( Same as monitoring indicators ), Support email 、 Enterprise WeChat APP、 Enterprise WeChat Webhook、 Nail alarm
hold-all : Support Query、Scan And basic data operation

The specific use is as follows :

1、Docker Container start up

sudo docker run -d --net=host --name redis-manager \
-e DATASOURCE_DATABASE='redis_manager' \
-e DATASOURCE_URL='jdbc:mysql://' \

2、 Access address

http://IP Address :8182

The specific page effect is as follows :


Please refer to this for specific usage file

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