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This system mainly includes multiple functional modules such as friendship connection management, school news management, teacher-student dynamic management, notification announcement management, teacher-student dynamic management, and message.The requirements of these functional modules are briefly described below.
Administrator's login module: The administrator logs in to the background of the system to manage other management modules of the system.
This system is based on SSM (Spring+SpringMVC+MyBatis) framework, suitable for graduation design, using javaweb, based on B/S mode, eclipse or eclipse idea as development tools, mysql database, interested friends can download and study.

Add admin module: toAdd more administrators in this system, including ordinary users and super administrators.
Friendship link management module:
Friendship link list: Present the commodity table of the database to the administrator in the form of a list.
Add Friendship Link: Implement administrator to add Friendship link, which should include name and other information.
Modifying Friendship Links: Allows administrators to modify friendship links, including information such as modifying friendship links.
Announcement management module:
Announcement information addition: Add announcement information.
Announcement information list: Display all the announcement information of the system, which can be queried by keywords.
Delete notice and notice information: delete the notice and notice information with input error or expired.
School News Management Module:
School News Release: The administrator releases school news, including title, category, content, pictures, etc.
School news list: Use mysql statement to query the school news list, and implement pagination.
School News Modification: Specify the school news to be modified through the administrator ID, and modify its other information.
School News Deletion: Specify the school news to be deleted through the administrator ID, and completely delete it from the database.
Teacher-student dynamic management module:
Teacher-student dynamic information addition: Add teacher-student dynamic information.
List of dynamic information of teachers and students: Display all dynamic information of teachers and students in the system, which can be queried by keywords.
Delete the dynamic information of teachers and students: delete the dynamic information of teachers and students with wrong input or expired.
Message Management Module:
Message Add: Add message.
Message List: Display all messages of the system, which can be queried by keywords.
Message deletion: delete the wrong or expired message.

Abstract I
Contents III
Chapter 1 Introduction 1
1.1 Development Background 1
1.2 Development Significance 1
1.3 Research Content 1
> Chapter 2 Introduction to Main Technologies and Tools 5
2.1 SSM Framework 5
2.1.1. Spring Framework 5
2.1.2 SpringMVC 6
2.1.3. MyBatis Selection 6
2.2mysql database 6
2.3 Introduction to eclipse and Tomcat 6
Chapter 3 System Analysis 4
3.1 Feasibility Analysis 4
3.1.1 Economic Feasibility 4
3.1.2 Technical Feasibility 4
3.1.3 Operational Feasibility 4
3.2 Requirements Analysis 4
3.3 Business Process Analysis 5
3.4 Data Process Analysis 5
Chapter 4 System Design 8
4.1 System Structure Design 8
4.2 Function Module Design 8
4.3 Database Design 9
4.3.1 Overview of Database Design 9
4.3.1 Conceptual Design 9
4.3.2 Table Design 11
Chapter 5 System Implementation15
5.1 Basic Forum 15
5.2 Realization of main page 15
5.3 Realization of registration module 15
5.3 Realization of login module 16
5.4 Realization of school news management module 18
5.6Realization of teacher-student dynamic management module 19
5.6 Realization of notification announcement management module 20
5.7 Realization of friendly connection management module 21
5.8 Realization of message management module 22
Chapter 6 System test 23
6.1 Test Purpose 23
6.2 Test Overview 23
6.3 Unit Test 23
6.3.1 Login Test 23
6.3.2 School News Test 24
6.4 Integration Test 25
Section7 Chapter Summary 26
Acknowledgements 27
References 27

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