The campus errand system springboot of the java WeChat applet

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Overview, design and analysis of the system project of the campus errand system, the main content is the specific analysis of the platform, the database is designed, the data uses the mysql database, and the design of the system adopts a more user-friendly operation design.Error messages can be dealt with and fed back in time.

Design based on campus errand systemIt can be run on mobile phones and can realize administrator server; home page, personal center, student management, errand runner management, system announcement management, online order management, completed order management, order evaluation management, received order management, system managementand other functions.At the same time, it is also convenient for errand runners client; homepage, system announcement, online order, completed order, my, student client; home page, system announcement, online order, completed order, my, etc. Detailed understanding and statistical analysis
Development language: Java
Framework: ssm
JDK version: JDK1.8
Server: tomcat7
Database: mysql
Database tool: Navicat11
Development software: eclipse/myeclipse/idea
Maven package: Maven3.3.9

Mini Program Framework: uniapp
Mini Program Development Software: HBuilder X
Mini Program Running Software: WeChat Developer
With the rapid development of my country's economy, people's demand for mobile phones is increasing. All kinds of mobile phone software are also widely used, but for the data information management of mobile phones, various software for mobile phones are also very popular among users. The campus errand running system is widely used by users. For data information management, a management system based on the campus errand system has been specially developed.
The design of the campus errand system is mainly to consider in detail the functions to be implemented by the system, and then design the interface after determining the functions to be implemented. In the middle, it is also necessary to consider how to better implement the functions and pages.Combined, it is convenient for users to find the information they need easily and clearly, as well as the operability of the system platform in the later stage, and develop technology through a detailed understanding of the information content.
The development of the campus errand system uses the existing mature technology reference, takes the source code as the template, analyzes the function adjustment and combines the actual needs of the campus errand system management, and discusses the use of the campus errand system management.

Abstract I
Abstract II
Chapter 1 Introduction 1
1.1 Background of topic selection 2
1.2 Research status 3
1.3 Research content 4
Chapter 2 Introduction to Development Tools and Key Technologies 5
2.1 WeChat Developer Tools 6
2.2 Introduction to Mini Program Framework and Directory Structure 8
2.3 JAVA Technology 8
2.4 Mysql Database 8
2.5 SSMFramework 8
Chapter 3 System Analysis 10
3.1 Requirements Analysis 10
3.2 Feasibility Analysis 10
3.2.1 Technical Feasibility: Technical Background 11
3.2.2 Economic Feasibility 11
3.2.3 Operational feasibility: 11
3.3 Performance analysis 11
3.4 System operation process 12
3.4.1 Administrator login process 12
3.4.2 Information adding process 12
3.4.3 Information deletion process 13
Chapter 4 System design and implementation 15
4.1 System architecture design 15
4.2 Development process design 15
4.3 Database design 16
4.3.1 Entity ER diagram 16
4.3.2 Data Sheet 18
Chapter 5 System Implementation 21
5.1 Student Client Function Realization 24
5.2 Errand Runner Client Function Realization 24
5.3 Administrator Server Function Realization 24
Chapter 6 System Testing 27
6.1 Test Purpose 27
6.2 Test Scheme Design 27
6.2.1 Test Strategy 27
6.2.2 Test Analysis 28
6.3 Test Results 28
Conclusion 29
References 30
Acknowledgements 31